Are You Spending Thousands On Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads? Are You Reaching ROI (Return On Investment) goals ?

Adwords Audit, Let The Experts Handle It!

Google is certainly the most popular search engine in the world with over 90.91% share of the search engine market. The Google Adwords program is simply the most powerful paid advertising tool for advertisers worldwide.  It enables marketers to showcase their products and services to targeted search audiences.

Adwords Audit

With this power also comes complexity and learning curves. With over 14 years of hands on experience at it, we are well positioned to help you make your campaigns more successful. You can take advantage of our free AdWords Audit to help you build successful marketing campaigns.

We are well qualified as we are Certified Adwords Professionals and have handled budgets as high as $500,000 a year.

Adwords Audit Is An Option

An AdWords Audit will help you understand where things stands in your Google account. As an advertiser, you want to get the best results you possibly can with your working budget. The more you understand the AdWords platform, the better your ROI (return on investment) will be.

You need to understand that the Google AdWords program is not just about creating an ad and adding your website URL and sending traffic to it. A successful AdWords campaign starts with keyword research & analysis and a thorough understanding of your industry verticals. The complexity and power of the AdWords platform can only be mastered after years of trial and error to find out what works and what doesn’t. It’s about structuring your campaigns in methodical  manners and designing state of the art sales funnels to capture your paid and organic internet traffic leads. These sales funnels are designed to take each prospect through marketing phases (life cycle of each leads until they become paying customers). A CRM (customer relationship management) tool is used to enter those prospects that signed up on a web form and market to them using email marketing automation.

Unfortunately, too many companies are not taking full advantage of this powerful AdWords platform. They’re also unaware of important marketing tools needed to complete their sales funnels. The AdWords dashboard has hundreds of options and settings that can be overwhelming. So, it’s only natural that sometimes people miss things when running an AdWords campaign.

They simply don’t have all the elements in place, nor the knowledge and experience to make it work to their advantage like a well-oiled machine. Furthermore, they’re not reaching an acceptable ROI (return on investment) and leaving a lot of money on the table for other companies to grab.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Adwords Audit!

So, when we take on clients, we don’t only do a Google Adwords Account Audit, but we also study their industry very well and analyse every aspect of their online business and marketing channels.

This is not a quick fix solution to riches. We build well planned and structured marketing machines for our clients to get the best possible results in the shortest possible amount of time.

The old saying ” It Takes Money To Make Money” also applies online. So to get started with us, you will need a real existing business (startup is fine too, we help you get started) an Adwords budget, marketing budget to pay our fees along with some marketing tools that we will recommend to get you started.

An AdWords Audit will help you understand why things aren’t working as you would like.

  • Analytics Settings, KPI Metrics & Tag Manager

  • Account & Campaign Structure

  • Account & Campaign Settings

  • Keywords Evaluation
  • Ad Copies & Ad Extensions

  • Site – Landing Pages & Sales Funnel

  • Goal Settings & Conversion Tracking

  • Quality Score (QS) – Remarketing

Here's The Procedure To Gain Access To Your Account For The AdWords Audit.

We will require your Google Adwords account number (top right corner when you login to it) (see below image) in order to access your account. You need to fill out the form on your right and make sure to enter it there as with all important information so we can contact you shortly. Once we receive your Google AdWords account number we will send you an account link request that you will receive directly in your own AdWords account (top right under:notifications) (also by email), you will need to approve it so we can then link your account to our AdWords Master Manager account  to have access to it to start the audit.

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