Content Marketing Services

There is a saying online that says: ” CONTENT IS KING”

By keeping regular communication with the target audience for your brand and by providing useful and expert content, it increases the popularity and credibility of your company. We have professionals ghost writers that do the necessary research in your industry before writing state of the art interesting story articles and engaging content, SEO friendly, that will keep your readers attention and interest in your brand. Audiences always seek culturally relevant content that they can share with friends and family on social medias.

We have strong connection with the most powerful article directory online called John Tahan the owner of Bytelan Enterprise (PPCSkills Web Marketing Division) is a Platinum Author-Writer at, you can visit his profile page here:

We can create and post articles there and they will be approved within 24 hours while others are trying for months to get one article approved. Every article approved at is a potent powerful back link to your website with high PR (page rank) DA (domain authority) which helps increase your Google and other search engine ranking by beating the competition.


Posts to Instagram and FaceBook
In social networks, you can make great-targeted campaigns in the form of creative posts with pictures and powerful targeted content.
Youtube Videos
YouTube is one of the main suppliers of traffic online and proven to be the number 1 tool to draw in an audience with captivating content.
Reviews in communities
Communities are where people hang out and share knowledge, real views and tons of comments
Social Media Influencers
Influencer marketing is using an influential person on social media to promote a product, service, or campaign. These people, known as “social media influencers,” have large audiences of loyal followers.
Article Marketing is the most powerful article directory online and has gone further toward building a readership that actually wants to read advertorials. John Tahan, the owner of Bytelan Enterprise (PPCSkills marketing division) is a Platinum writer at Ezine Articles since 2007. We can have our ghost writers create powerful content and get it approved within 24 hours while others have to wait months for approval if not rejected by Every article posted there will give you a solid high pr high domain authority back link that will help increase your SEO ranking in Google.
SEO Local Search Marketing
Local search online gold rush. A high percentages of searches have local keywords and even more searches have local intent. That is why it’s very important to include local search marketing SEO in your marketing arsenal. We have professional ghost writers that will create powerful well researched content and submit to local directories and creating strong local citations.

Targets of Content Marketing

Formation of brand
Convey your benefits and value to your audience. Attract new subscribers to the channels of communication and transforms them into brand advocates by regular, useful and expert content.
Increase of sales
Engage potential customers and tell us about promotions and special offers. Expand the benefits of new products.
Promoting of content
Create a strong content that will be shared on social networks. Promote the content in social networks on the target audience to get more coverage. Keep a blog to attract new potential customers from search engines.

Why us?

Increase of website conversion

Visual improvement of your website

A comprehensive strategy to other types of marketing

Leaders of internet marketing in the region